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Welcome to the Carpentersville Professional Firefighters IAFF Local 4790 Web site. We are located in Kane County, IL. We are located 36 miles west of Chicago, IL with a population of 38,196 as of 2012. We have 3 fire stations, with 32 sworn members.


demoFundraisers such as the MDA Fill-the-Boot, are ways that Local 4790 gives back to the community in which we serve. The International Association of Fire Fighters has been partnered with the MDA Organization since 1954..



demoFundraisers such as our Annual DodgeBall Tournament are a fun way to get together, be competitive, and raise funds for great local charities. We hope you come out and support Local 4790's DodgeBall tournament for a great cause.


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demoLocal 4790 was chartered on February 1, 2010. We are proud members of the International Association of Fire Fighters & the Associated Fire Fighters of Illinois, with 32 sworn members serving Carpentersville, IL.




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Carpentersville Firefighters Announce Endorsements for Village Trustees: Garcia, Miller and Scholl

March 6, 2015

Richard Nieves

President Carpentersville Professional Firefighters

PO Box 142, Carpentersville, IL 60110 (224) 422-8042

Carpentersville Fire Fighters Local 4790 and a prominent local businessman have announced their endorsements in the election next month for village trustees.

Following interviews with all trustee candidates, village firefighters and Tom Roeser, President and CEO of OTTO Engineering, recommend the election of Humberto Garcia, Sara Miller and Christopher Scholl in the April 7 village election. The three are seeking four-year terms to the Carpentersville Village Board of Trustees.

The firefighters and Roeser based their selections on the candidates’ qualifications and their dual commitments to public safety and expanding business opportunities within the village.

In announcing their preferences, firefighters and Roeser cited their reasons for the endorsements:

“The firefighters and Mr. Roeser believe now is time for a change to shape the village’s future. Mr. Garcia, Ms. Miller and Mr. Scholl expressed new ideas to challenge the old ways of doing business.

“Humberto Garcia, a west side resident and business owner, sits on the audit and finance committee. He understands what it takes to work together and make things happen with his background in the audit and finance committee and from his business dealings.

“Sara Miller, an ‘old town’ resident and small business owner, identifies with what most Americans want in government: a fresh, new look with no political ambitions except what is best for the community. She is eager to get involved and offer solutions to many of the village challenges ahead.

“And Christopher Scholl, a firefighter and east side resident, has promised to change the status quo approach to governing. His background in public safety and the honesty that comes with the job will hold everyone to a higher standard. The shrinking abilities of all village services have caused great concern for him and his family.

“The people of Carpentersville deserve a fresh approach to government and the integrity that these three candidates will bring to the job.”




Carpentersville professional firefighters Local 4790 have brokered a deal that will keep two career firefighters employed. Village officials indicated funding issues led to the layoff notices given to two firefighters after a recent contract was settled. "It was difficult news to here after we bargained a contract in good faith and heard nothing about potential layoffs, but we had to the come to the table with an open mind" Nieves said. Local 4790 did it's due diligence to offer solutions that would not affect our members or the community as a whole. We found ways to significantly reduce overtime costs to the village through scheduling flexibility for the next couple of years. "We think the solution is a fair compromise and proves to the public overtime had nothing to do with our problems with the village. Our goal has and always will be to inform the community on what is going on within the fire department and how it will affect them. Maintaining these firefighters helps us work towards maintaining service levels the community should expect. Local 4790 has expressed concerns to village regarding reductions to levels not seen since 2000 of only 10 firefighters per day in a worst case scenario. This is our next challenge, how can we add firefighters in a budget that is being squeezed from all sides. It is the belief of Local 4790 that the current trend of public safety reductions will have a negative impact on the community. "This now marks the second consecutive contract that Local 4790 firefighters have been the only public safety union to be threatened with full time layoffs and have responded each time with concessions to the village to avoid these layoffs". Said Nieves. We hope this has proven to village officials that it's not all about money for us, but that we care about our members and the community we serve.

Staffing Article

Read this article from the Daily Herald by Associated Fire Fighters of Illinois President Pat Devany.

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